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By the grace of God and with the prayer support of thousands of our well wishers we are able to spread the fragrance of Jesus Christ, through our Gods Love Ministries throughout the world. By the abundant blessings of God, Our Ministry has expanded to various facets, namely the 24 hours Prayer Tower ministry, Letter correspondence, E-mail ministry, Web and Social Media, Campaigns and the Media ministry. We telecast more than 350 TV programmes per month which reaches to countries around the world.

We also conduct open air meetings and crusade meetings and Monthly Fasting Prayer Meetings. We offer personal counselling to those who come with problems such as family struggles, separation, depression, problems in business and much more. We pray and receive the counsel from God and help them to overcome their problems and rebuild their life.

As a minister of God, I wish to share my experience and my desire to serve the Lord in a greater measure. When I started the ministry, I had an urge in my heart to visit the Holy places referred in the Bible. Jesus' birthplace, Galilee, the center of His ministry where He walked on the face of the earth with His disciples. The Places where Jesus performed various miracles, and finally the place of His crucifixion and resurrection. I had an eagerness to visit these places. Therefore I took steps to visit them.

I got the opportunity to visit the Holy Land through Brother GPS Robinson. During my trip while I was travelling from one location to another, the Lord spoke to me in a shrill voice. He kept insisting the burden and responsibility within my heart about the Holy Land tour. There was a constant reminder from God saying, “I have enabled you to visit these places not only to fulfil your desire but also to accomplish My purpose through your life.”

The Lord clearly spoke to me. He instructed me to take people (who are interested ) to the Holy Land twice a year and help them not only to visit these places but also to reveal the truth and importance of each and every location of these places in the Holy Land, Israel. God wanted me to share about the secrets of the Bible about Jesus and His ministry, while He was alive on this earth 2000 years ago. He guided me to take the people along with me for 11 days, and teach them the Hidden Truth from the Bible (scripture) as many lack the knowledge of Word of God. He further told me to pray for the people who travel with me to the Holy Land, bless them, baptize them in the river Jordan where Jesus was baptised. As per God's instruction I obeyed to His voice and surrendered myself to accomplish His mission through, “God's Love Ministries.”

I have led nearly 36 groups of people from different parts of the country, to the Holy Land. We visit places like Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Israel. People who travel with me to the Holy Land come with different problems in their life. God told me to take part in all their burdens and pray for them with much concern. So I spend time with them and listen to their problems and pray for them with much burden.

I have witnessed the change that the Lord has performed in the lives of many people who come to this Holy Land Tour. We also travel with many non believers who come with much passion to visit these Holy places. By witnessing the teachings of the life of Jesus and having visited the places where Jesus lived, many have received the love of Jesus. During the course of their stay in the Holy Land, many have received Jesus Christ as their Saviour and have been baptised in the Holy waters.

Today Many People have the desire to visit many foreign countries. But I wish to introduce this ministry to you. This Holy Land Tour, will help you realize the deep secrets from the word of God. You should have the desire to visit the different places mentioned in the Bible like, the birth place of Jesus, the place where He performed His first miracle, Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea, River Nile that turned into blood, Jerusalem, Bethany and the Red Sea which God separated so that the people of Israel would pass through the waters safely to reach the promised land. It would be exciting to visit the places where Jesus lived, and places where important incidents had taken place in the Bible.

As a Minister of God, I encourage that you should have the desire to visit these places and experience the feel of it. Especially places like the river Nile, Pyramid in Egypt, Mount Nebo in Jordan, Jericho in Palestine and many such places. Pray and have a passion to visit these places where Jesus walked and performed miracles. If you are willing to visit the Holy Land through the Gods’ Love Ministries, contact our office at 7299947999 or mail us at exodusholytours@gmail.com. I personally wish that you will visit the Holy Land once in a life time and be blessed. It is the greatest privilege that God has provided through our Ministry and we pray that you will be able to make the best use of this golden opportunity. God Bless you.

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