Israel - Egypt - Jordan - Palestine

Travel to the Holy Land with Exodus Holy Tours and experience the places where Lord Jesus Christ lived. This 11 Day's tour will transform your life spiritually.
Holy Land Tour starts on February 15, 2023
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about Exodus Holy Tours

As a minister of God, I wish to share my experience and my desire to serve the Lord in a greater measure. When I started the ministry, I had an urge in my heart to visit the Holy places referred in the Bible. Jesus' birthplace, Galilee, the center of His ministry where He walked on the face of the earth with His disciples. The Places where Jesus performed various miracles, and finally the place of His crucifixion and resurrection. I had an eagerness to visit these places. Therefore I took steps to visit them.

I got the opportunity to visit the Holy Land through Brother GPS Robinson. During my trip while I was travelling from one location to another, the Lord spoke to me in a shrill voice. He kept insisting the burden and responsibility within my heart about the Holy Land tour. There was a constant reminder from God saying, “I have enabled you to visit these places not only to fulfil your desire but also to accomplish My purpose through your life.”

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